New Studio
Crystalline glaze
Crystal glaze
Crystalline glaze
Crystal glaze
I am glad you opened my site.  I hope you like what you see here and that you will come for a visit.  We had a fire and the old building burned to the ground.  What you see here is the new workshop.  We rise from the ashes! 

Check out these wonderful ripe coffee beans.
Pottery Studio w/coffee drying floor below


This building is the one that burned down.




Here is where the pottery is formed on the wheel.  It is tough to have such an awesome view of God's beautiful creation while working with the clay.  There are places to sit and watch if you are able to spare some time.  We make crystaline glazed pottery.  There should be a good selection of mugs to go with a pound of coffee too. 


Crystalline Glazed Vase

We have a guest house, although there are some rules, call and find out about the availability and current rates.  
808-989-5143  Bill's Cell

Kealakekua Bay




This is a shot from the lani looking down into Kealakekua Bay.  It is so nice to be able to see so much of the coastline.  Our coffee trees are at the bottom of the picture, and Keei beach is near the top point.


After the ripe coffee bean is picked, it is pulped.  This is where the outer ripe red skin in removed.  Then it soaks in its juices overnight.  In the morning we wash the coffee and spread it out on the drying floor.  It is raked daily for the next week or so.  When it is dry it is called parchment.  There is still a paper-like skin on the green bean.  This is removed with a machine called a huller.  Then the green coffee beans are roasted and bagged for market.



 We make an amazing fruit smoothie

Coffee Flowers & Green Cherry




These are a few of the young flowers.  They have a very strong aroma, almost intoxicating when the farm is in a large bloom.  There have been 5-6 blooms this year on our farm.  The coffee cherry will ripen at different times too. 



This picture of green coffee cherry was taken on the same day as the picture of the flowers.  These should be ready for picking sometime in July or August.  Branches full of coffee is a wonderful sight to see all through the Farm.  Below are a couple of shots from the roads through the farm.

The red coffee beans are hand picked form the branch while leaving the green ones.  Those will ripen later and then be picked.  The best coffee is picked fully ripe, red and plump.  The 2006  season was wonderfully blessed.  In the Kona Cupping Competition this year we advanced to the final round.  It was an honor to be recognized among the great farms of Kona.

I hope you have enjoyed our site.  Here is some information for you to contact us and come see the dream come true.

Bill Buckingham           

PO Box 1154                                

Captain Cook Hi.  96704

We are located on Highway 11 between mile marker 110 and 109.  Hopefully you will see our signs for Sacred Grounds Coffee Farm and Paradise Pottery Studio. 


Phone   808-989-5143

Please call to make orders, we will call you right back if you like.  

Great coffee only $30 per lbs plus shipping

We do tours of the farm daily.


May the Mercy of God the Father

the Brotherhood of God the Son

and the Fellowship of God the Holy Spirit

Be with you always.

Whole bean Kona Coffee for sale, We grow Great 100% Kona Coffee in Captain Cook Hawaii.  Our award winning Kona Coffee is all grown at Sacred Grounds Coffee Farm.  We roast our estate grown Kona Coffee lite, full city, and dark oil.